How to use Advanced Registry Tracer?

  ralph-226856 00:12 20 Mar 2005

Hi all, I'm trying out a program called Advanced Registry Tracer and I'm stuck on one thing, if anyone is familiar with the program and can help I'd appreciate it.
I'm taking two snap shots of the registry and trying to display them together so that I can compare any changes between the two shots. The problem is, I can't get both shots open at the same time, I keep toggling between the two. I've checked the help file for the program but the steps are not very detailed.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

  TOPCAT® 00:52 20 Mar 2005

click here will give full instructions. TC.

  freaky 12:19 20 Mar 2005

Can't you print out the two snapshots, and then compare them?

  ralph-226856 20:42 20 Mar 2005

To Topcat, thanks for the link. There appears to be much more info' on the site than in the programs own help file. I'll have another good look at the program now, many thanks.

  ralph-226856 20:46 20 Mar 2005

To freaky, the size of the registry snap shots are too big to print out and compare. Now that Topcat has pointed me in the right direction I should be able to suss things out. Cheers.

  freaky 20:56 20 Mar 2005

If you do not manage to sort it out as per TOPCAT's advice. Then I suggest that you set your printer to print in Landscape mode, it should print the snapshots OK then.


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