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How to upload videos from my Android phone

  tony-guitar 19:55 30 Aug 2012

Can anyone suggest some software that will enable me to upload videos to my Win7 pc taken with my HTC Desire HD Android phone? Unlike my Canon digital camera where i can remove the SD card, i'm reluctant to do this with my phone. I have several videos of my 6yr old granddaughter that i'd like to back up. I don't mind paying for software but would prefer a free version until i'm happy with the results, then upgrade if necessary.

  tony-guitar 18:39 31 Aug 2012

Hi, I haven't used this option because Windows wants to upload my entire memory card including every internet image. I have around 250 photo's and a dozen or so video's but windows finds 3000 images to upload, ie everything i've browsed. How do i get around this please.

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