How to upload my pictures in plain simple language

  lillydrop 20:06 03 May 2007

Hi folks,I have a sub website page with an art gallery where I need to upload some more of my picture on the very same page to be displayed along with the others pics. Usualy someone I know kindly uploads them for me, and I just do the art work bit but alas, he's busy right now.
I've just purchased a PC advisor computing book for beginners, which is brilliant, but dosent teach uploading pics bit.
Dont want to use any uploading tools which may be imcompatible with my helpers programms, software, etc. Can't afford it on a pension anyway;-) Therefore just need to use a basic format with step by step instructions on how to do it in plain simple language. Basically I'm a simple person. (I can do a bit of html which is not a problem)However I find transfering html and jpg files on to an existing web page daunting.
Just to re-cap:- need simple instructions on how to upload picture files jpg/html on my existing art gallery page>
My website has other pages too but dont need to upload on them.

  Kate B 20:18 03 May 2007

Didn't you post on this recently? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this seems familiar.

  lillydrop 21:18 03 May 2007

I am really very sorry kate if I have offended you or anyone else here. The truth is within the past few days I've had a daunting time joining paypal etc and other sites like ebay. Had to create passwords and usernames etc.Find these thing really difficult, because I'm not that bright Putting my credit card on line(never done this before) joining several forums, asking for different kinds of advice on how to do things. Like all beginners Im been experiencing a host of techy difficulties as well. I had asked another forum outside pc advisor about uploading pics and didn't get answer.
I forgot that I had also asked on this site as well.
Before your mesage I suddenly noticed that Id already asked here and I thought "oh know how completely stupid of me. Really, been in overload this week. Please accept my apologies, and please ignore my 2nd request for hel to upload pictures, so sorry:(

  Kate B 21:24 03 May 2007

Not offended at all - I was more concerned that you hadn't had helpful answers the first time round. Don't worry about it - and well done on all the online stuff you've managed to do today. It is indeed quite daunting.

  bluto1 22:15 03 May 2007

I`m going to ask a friend of mine if he can help.He`s got a website of his own and uploads to it regularly.

One question, can your web hosts not do this for you?

Probably not get an answer till tomorrow.

  bluto1 14:42 05 May 2007

Please forgive the delay, I had a minor family emergency yesterday when everyone and the cat had the vapours.(All female, of course.)

"To upload your photos to your web first convert all to jpeg images. (You cannot copy and paste photos to a web page)
Next open your page on your computer and decide where on the page you want to plsce the photo. Click on "Insert image", then insert the photo from where you have saved, click "insert". Do this for all your photos.
Next save the page.
You may be prompted to `save embedded files`, save.
Now upload your page to your server.
You will also have to upload your photos one at a time,otherwise yourpage will just have empty boxes and no photos".

That`s exactly how I received the info, so I hope you can make sense of it. All the best.

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