How to upgrade VLC player on Linux

  Florio 18:49 23 Aug 2011

I had to buy my young son an Acer Aspire One for school a few years ago. He has since changed schools and no longer uses his netbook, but my wife and I would like to get it up and running again. The problem is that neither of us is familiar with Linux (Linpus Lite) as we both have laptops with Windows as their OS.

At the moment we're just trying to get videos to play. We've seen that the Aspire One has VLC installed (version 0.8.6i Janus), but there is no video when we try to play an .avi file, only audio. We also got the following message the first time we tried to open an .avi file: "cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x44495658."

My questions are the following: a) Will updating the VLC player to its most recent version solve the problem of the missing codecs? b) If so, how can I upgrade since there is no direct link in the menus of the program itself? If I go to the official website and download the current version of the VLC player, where should I install it? c) If the lack of video is simply due to missing codecs and it is not necessry to download the latest version of the player, which codecs should I download and where should they be placed upon installation?

Many thanks indeed to those who can offer assistance.


  northumbria61 07:57 24 Aug 2011

Try this codecs pack - download and install link text

  scotty 09:04 26 Aug 2011

Linpus was a version of Linux aimed at people unfamiliar with Linux. Many features were locked or hidden to reduce the risk of messing up the system. I would recommend replacing Linpus with a more modern version of Linux. As the AAO has a fairly low powered processor I suggest Lubuntu. Replacing Linpus with a new version of Linux is simple and quick. The simplest methods involve wiping all files permanently so back up any files you want to keep.

The steps to replace Linpus are: Download linux; Write to a USB stick (minimum size 2GB); Boot AAO with USB inserted; Select install.

I use a program called Unetbootin (link to Unetbootin) Download Lubuntu from here Run Unetbootin to write Lubuntu ISO file to USB stick. Insert USB in AAO and boot. Follow on screen instructions to install Lubuntu. This page shows the six simple steps to install Ubuntu. The only points to wtch out for are: On step 2, tick the box to install third party software. On step 3, select the option to erase the existing OS and use full disk for new OS.

  Florio 09:43 26 Aug 2011

Thanks scotty, I've actually already done more or less what you advise, but have installed Ubuntu 11.04., probably a bit heavier than Lubuntu, but I will remove all those accessories that I won't be needing (like CD/DVD programs; as you know, the AAO has no CD drive). I think (and hope) that this solution will be okay--my wife will be using the netbook, and just wants something for managing her email and appointments (Evolution), her photos, access to internet and a media player. Florio

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