How to upgrade from ME operating system to XP

  allanon 22:20 19 Jan 2009

I am running an old computer with ME. I am going to get XP. However there appears to be an upgrade version of XP and the whole XP operating system. I assume that the upgrade option will be easier to install. Which is the best and easiest option?.Any comments gratefully received

  cream. 22:24 19 Jan 2009

If you want to keep all your old programs and settings, go for the upgrade.

If you want to start afresh with a clean installation of XP, nothing saved, go for an oem or retail copy of XP. You can always burn your old data to cd\dvd.

Make sure your ME computer has enough grunt to run XP. A 1ghz cpu and 512Mb of ram is a good starting point.

  Strawballs 22:25 19 Jan 2009

If you don't mind loosing everything on your PC then a clean install would be better if not go for the upgrade. all you will have to do for the upgrade is put disc in and follow instructions.

When you say old PC how much Ram does it have? Much less that 512meg and it will be very slow.

  allanon 22:29 19 Jan 2009

Thanks for your help

  gazzaho 22:44 19 Jan 2009

I can't speak for XP but I had a genuine upgrade of Windows 98 which I could cleanly install from.

When doing a clean install from the 98 CD it would ask for a genuine copy of ME to be inserted and once checked it would then ask for the 98 CD back to complete the installation.

I've never owned an upgrade or physical XP disk (factory restore disks) so I'm unsure if Microsoft changed the requirements for upgrading or not. I just thought I'd mention it.

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