how to uninstall zone alarm correcly

  corkball 10:28 07 Nov 2016

i have uninstalled zone alarm obviously incorrectly the program was deleted from the list but i am left with an icon in the tool bar which says initalization in progress i also receive messages telling me to update the zonealarm the za version is i have windows 7 home premium thanks for any help

  The Kestrel 14:36 07 Nov 2016

When I uninstalled Zonealarm some time ago, I used the free version of Revo-uninstaller click here . This program allows you to remove the files left behind by the Windows uninstaller, which is what appears to have happened to you.

  morddwyd 19:39 07 Nov 2016

Try Ccleaner

  corkball 18:40 09 Nov 2016

kestrel thank you very much for advising me re the revo uninstaller which worked perfectly and i am now zonealarm free during the uninstall process when i saw the number of hidden files for zonealarm i was amazed your advice was brilliant once again thank you

  corkball 18:44 09 Nov 2016

morddwyd thanks for your reply but as you can see kestrel provided with the perfect solution thanks corkball

  Burn-it 19:27 09 Nov 2016

I would go through the registry manually if you have that skill as Zone Alarm (in my experience) has always been insiduous and difficult to remove fully. I haven't actually tried removing ZA with Revo, but that is only because I refuse to use ZA, whereas I do use Revo Uninstaller.

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