How to uninstall wireless card?

  Pererin 21:26 20 Feb 2010

Hi Gang, in the April editon help section I read about problems with network connections and what happens as the solder joints can break down, then as the pc warms up you get a connection. This just about describes my problem, so I need to install a separate ethernet card. To do this I have to remove the wireless card that is never ever used, so firstly do I remove the software for the wireless card and then remove, or is there anything else to do? Secondly it mentioned in the article I read about going in to the bios and disabling the existing ethernet connection, I know how to enter the bios but what do I look for and do once in there. As always thanks in advance for your priceless help. My OS is XP Pro, motherboard is Asus P5GD1 Pro and ethernet is Marvell Yukon. Hope that's enough info.

  Strawballs 12:00 21 Feb 2010

Just remove the card then boot and uninstall through add remove hardware then fit new card and install drivers

  Pererin 15:09 21 Feb 2010

Thanks Strawballs I'll do that and I will let you know how I get on- as soon as the card arrives.

  Pererin 17:34 21 Feb 2010

Just one thing I am not clear about Strawballs, do I still have to go into the bios to disable the ethernet, as that cannot be removed just as it stated in the April edition, or is that not necessary.

  Strawballs 18:52 21 Feb 2010

That is not necessary never bothered dissableing on any of the wireless PC's or laptop's I've had.

  Pererin 09:54 22 Feb 2010

OK thanks, I'll let you know how I get on, it will be a day or so before the new card arrives. Thanks again.

  johnmathew395 09:45 25 Feb 2010

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery. Shut down your laptop through the click here operating system and close the lid. Flip the laptop over and remove the battery from its compartment. Depending on your laptop model, the battery may be removed by sliding it out from its compartment or by pressing a button to eject it.

Remove all attached devices and cables. Unplug the power cord from the laptop and detach all cables and devices. This includes unplugging any Ethernet cable, phone line, headphones, USB cables or mouse that may be attached to your laptop.

Locate the wireless card compartment and remove the cover. Depending on your laptop model, your laptop click here may or may not have labeled compartments. Some laptops house the wireless card in the same compartment as the memory. If you are unsure which compartment houses your wireless card, consult your laptop's user guide. To open the compartment, use a screwdriver to remove the screw. Be sure to note the type of screw (e.g., F4, F6, F16, B25) you must remove, as this will indicate the type of laptop screwdriver you will need.

Detach the two antenna wires. After removing the cover, locate the two small wires attached to the wireless card. Gently twist and pull up on the gold (or yellow) clips found at the end of the wires to detach them from the wireless card. Do not yank the wires to detach them.

Press the latch clips outward. There are two clips, one on each side of the wireless card, that secure the wireless card in its slot. Place your thumbs on each of these clips and push outward to unlatch them. Release the latches when you see the wireless card lift up out of the slot.

Remove the wireless card from the compartment. Gently grasp the sides of the wireless card and remove it from the slot. Before putting the cover back onto the empty compartment, tuck the antenna wires so that they do not get stuck underneath the cover. Place the cover back onto the compartment, place the screw back into the hole, and use the screwdriver to attach the cover back on.

  Pererin 20:37 26 Feb 2010

OK, new card arrived followed your advice and everything worked fine. Thanks once more for all your help, I would be lost without you folks.

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