How to uninstall Motherboard drivers?

  Sapins 19:14 20 Nov 2004

I am preparing to upgrade my system with a new motherboard, CPU, and 512mb of RAM. This will go in a new case and I will transfer the drives and graphics card from the old one and I have been advised to remove the drivers from the old board before I start.

Can anyone tell me where I will find the drivers, I have looked in device manager and there are 3 entries under "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" are these the drivers I need to remove or are there others?

  MAJ 19:19 20 Nov 2004

It is advisable to do a clean install of Windows when doing an upgrade as extensive as the one you're planning, Sapins. That means formatting the drive, so everything will be wiped, including the motherboard's drivers. You will also have to re-activate XP.

  Sapins 19:30 20 Nov 2004


I have had conflicting advice re formatting or not, the latest is that there is no need to format and re-install, which would be better for me in that I don't have to re-do my Broadband Internet connection amongst other thing's, as I live in France and the Wanadoo CD really complicates things on an English system. I think I could manage ok with formatting etc; but I would rather try just assembling everything and see what happens!

  Sapins 21:02 20 Nov 2004

Anyone help with locating these drivers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:07 20 Nov 2004

Fit new board and when you first boot XP will try to run board with old drivers and may hang.

To overcome this problem, for your first boot after fitting mobo, select safe mode and install drivers that come with the board.

  PSF 21:12 20 Nov 2004

have a look at click here to see if this helps.

  Sapins 22:08 20 Nov 2004

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ and PSF.Thanks very much for the advice, I will try your suggestion first Fruit Bat /\0/\ and I'll print out your link PSF just in case.

I was delayed answering you both as I have just backed up "C" drive with Drive Image 7, just in case!

  Strawballs 22:28 20 Nov 2004

what O/S

  Kalb 22:36 20 Nov 2004

No need to uninstall first boot Win XP reports significant changes to the sysstem since it was last used !!
It detects new hardware but each time cancel the install until you reach the this point insert the Mobo CD for drivers...before you can reload drivers for the rest of your hardware you will probably have to restart this time you will find that XP goes into re-activation mode and you cannot proceed to the desktop again until you have re-activated.
WinXP provides you with a six figure ID which you read out to the automated Microsoft phone service and in return the automated voice on the other end provides you with a six figure ID to type into your re-activation dialogue box.
Press OK and you're back in business and can then load all your other drivers without interruption.
Not sure but I think the Microsoft contact phone No is 08706010100 but perhaps someone else can confirm

  Sapins 09:03 21 Nov 2004

Strawballs, I'm using XP Home.

Kalb, thanks for that, I have decided to follow that route, I'll let you know how it goes later in the week.

  Strawballs 00:12 22 Nov 2004

The reason I asked what O/S is that there is a reg cleaner that can reset hardwhare configureation but it does not work with NT based O/S's shame because it works a treat with 9X because I used it when upgrading MOBO while using 98 did not need to format but when I did the same thing with XP Pro it told me that this facility does not work with NT based systems.

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