How to uninstall McAfee Anti-virus software

  Border View 12:23 01 May 2015

I currently have McAfee antivirus which is due to expire. Rather than pay £60 to renew I think I shall install Avast. Before then I realise I have to uninstall McAfee and believe there is special software to do so.

Can anyone please give me a link to find this download to uninstall McAfee?

Any other tips would be much appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:39 01 May 2015

".........and believe there is special software to do so."

You only need the special software in very rare cases when the installation fails. You can uninstall McAfee in the same way that you'd uninstall any other program (Control Panel -> Programs & Features (or Add/Remove Programs)).

  Secret-Squirrel 12:44 01 May 2015

Sorry, that should have read "You only need the special software in very rare cases when the uninstallation fails".

  Pine Man 12:47 01 May 2015

secret-squirrel is correct but if you do have a problem the following site will help.

click here, if I was you, after you have uninstalled it and installed your new AV I would still run the McAfee removal tool.


  Pine Man 12:49 01 May 2015

Ignore the 'however' at the end of my post it should have been in a different place but installing links on PCA is never straightforward;-)

  Belatucadrus 14:16 01 May 2015

You could also use third party software like eset AV remover

  Border View 14:51 01 May 2015

Thank you all for your responses. Your advice is extremely helpful.

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