how to uninstall?

  Jane doe 08:24 05 Jun 2003

Morning Guys. Last night I was asked to check a friends computer that had a rougue program that he could not get rid of. The program seems to be a dialer for a 'SexNow' program. It leaves a green circle on the desktop with the word GO in the middle. If you click on it it tries to dial to a site and starts up AOL to do so. On the taskbar there is the same icon that gives 4 options when you right-click, one of them is uninstall. So I did this, several times in fact and it all goes. BUT, when you then reboot it reinstalls itself again? I went to properties and found where this file should be. It said C/Windows/sys32/SexNow.exe So I navigate to said destination and cant find it. I spent hours going through every thing in there and its not there. In fact I then went through the entire windows directory and it just is not visible. And yes I do have show hidden files selected and show all files. Yet a search will again direct me to that location but when I click find target the line stops but is blank? Is it hiding itself? How can I get rid of this please does anyone know? The amazing thing is he uses AOL with parental lock set at age 11. So how this got on is a mystery. It must have piggy-backed another program if that is possible. Thanks. Jane

  keith-236785 08:30 05 Jun 2003

could you tell us which windows you are using?

  Jane doe 08:43 05 Jun 2003

Hi Sorry. Thanks for quick reply. He is using Win XP home edition. With AOL 8 dsl. His machine is a Tiny one 1k amd processor. 64 meg ram. It was a tiny package a year ago now.

  sww109 08:52 05 Jun 2003

i recently received this disc with my magazine and installed webguard, no matter what i do i cannot uninstall this program .
Does anyone have any suggestions.
james gregory

  bof:) 09:14 05 Jun 2003

Hi All,

have you tried installing and running these free programes? They check hard drive for spyware and bots and give you the option to delete them.

Ad Aware 6
click here

Spyware Blaster
click here

Spybot Search and Destroy
click here

I hope these help.


  jbaker65 12:44 05 Jun 2003

Hello, click 'start', click 'run', enter 'regedit', click 'OK'. Press f3 and put "sexnow" in the find box. Now click find next. Somewhere on the screen you will see an entry for "sexnow" (it may be a folder or a single key) right click and delete it. Press f3 again and the search will go to the next entry. Keep repeating this until a box comes up saying 'registry search complete' Close regedit and reboot your computer. You should have no more problems. Best of luck, John (Bikemad Greatgrandad)

  vaughan007 13:09 05 Jun 2003

Probably better to start your own thread mate.

  monkeyshine 13:20 05 Jun 2003

I can see how SWW109 stumbled in here, the thread title is a bit ambiguous, however I agree that SWW109 would be better off with his/her own thread.

  Jane doe 14:42 05 Jun 2003

jbaker. Thanks for info I picked this up at work. When I get home Ill go round and try it out thanks.

  MichelleC 15:48 05 Jun 2003

Another way to get rid of these is to type in search/find 'dial.exe' and delete all that appear. If you can't delete in normal try in safemode. Adaware and Spybot usually neutralise them.

  Jane doe 15:59 05 Jun 2003

MichelleC thanks for info. I tried that but get the message, cant delete this file. The disc is either full or the file is a protected system file and is in use by windows. The name SexNow didn't appear. I will try Spybot tonight. As well as the info by jbaker65. Thanks Michelle you have helped me before. Jane

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