How to type percentages in Open Office

  loopyloo 19:23 16 Oct 2009

I need to type percentages in my Open document. ie 21/2% but how do I get the 1/2 percent to show correctly.

  TonyV 19:33 16 Oct 2009

You can type the 2 then press Alt and 0189 together, then Return and you will get 2½%, provided you have formatted the cell to Percent. Is it important that have fractions? Otherwise if you type 2.5 it will come as 2.50%.


  BRYNIT 20:39 16 Oct 2009

If you are trying to type 2½ put a space between the 2 and the 1/2

  BRYNIT 20:41 16 Oct 2009

Just realised you are using open Office and not MS Office it may still work.

  DieSse 20:43 16 Oct 2009

In a document - from the menu bar select Insert - Special character (special character = symbol in Word). Up pops a table - select ½ from the table and copy it into the document.

Or use the regular windows character map and copy/paste from that.

Or type 1 / 2 (with no spaces), and it should autocorrect it to ½ just like Word does - but do it on it's with a apace after the initial 2 - then after it's converted to ½ take the space out.

Or put 2.5% and avoid the issue altogether.

Is that what you meant?

  TonyV 23:44 16 Oct 2009

I must confess, I assumed you were trying it in a spreadsheet. However, if you are trying it in a Write document, then do as DieSse suggests, and Insert, or alternately use the Alt + 0189 to get the ½ correct. You wont need to use a space after the initial 2, then.


  loopyloo 09:08 17 Oct 2009

Sorry I may sound stupid but I don't understand first how do you get the plus sign and also is the alt plus 0189.

  BRYNIT 09:14 17 Oct 2009

Hold down Alt key then press 0189

  GroupFC 11:33 17 Oct 2009

Loppylou, I have just been having a play and DieSse post @ 20:43 is the way to go and TonyV's suggstion also works!

  loopyloo 15:53 17 Oct 2009

Thank you I have finally sorted the problem out. I still didn't get the Alt 0189 though, but the other way works.

  TonyV 10:07 19 Oct 2009

All you do is hold the Alt button down and at the same time press on the number pad, 0189.


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