How to transfer photos from camera to I pad

  ponytail 10:19 02 Aug 2014

My wife has just bought a Samsung WB35F camera on the understanding she could transfer the photos wirelessly to her Apple I Pad air.But really struggling to set up the wi-fi on the camera.Can anyone help.Thanks in anticipation.T

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:34 02 Aug 2014

Photo Beam, which immediately transfers the image being viewed on the camera to a smartphone.

With AutoShare, images are instantaneously backed up as they are being shot,

MobileLink allows users to select which images to transfer, so that shots can be organized easily

Can you find the above in the cameras menu system?

  ponytail 11:53 02 Aug 2014

hiMechKB2. It says there is no file to transfer or share.Have followed all the instructions in the online manual which is clearer than the one which came with the camera..I selected Wi-Fi then you have to select one of five options and have tried them all.

  ponytail 06:48 03 Aug 2014

We are awy AT present but will be home tomorrow (Monday ) but too late to go to the dealer will have to go Tuesday.My wife only got the camera last Monday.Will look at page 93 now.Thanks all

  ponytail 07:15 03 Aug 2014

Have just looked at page 98 it says about set password,change password and rest but I cannot see those options when I click on the email icon.Obviously our network provider is not listed but it picks up our daughters network which is virgin.When we get home I will select add network.But strange cannot see those options.

  ponytail 07:25 03 Aug 2014

Should have read page 99

  ponytail 08:03 03 Aug 2014

Not sure what happened but cleared the browsing history on Google then entered user manual for samsung wb35f which I have been using and the page sequences seem to have changed.Perhaps someone can look and see what they get.

  ponytail 08:09 03 Aug 2014

I chose the third link and it is now on page 130

  ponytail 11:52 08 Aug 2014

Have just been to the camera shop and was told to download something called mobilelink from itunes but cannot find it can someone advise.Thanks

  ponytail 12:09 08 Aug 2014

I know that Fruit Bat /\0/\ Mentioned something about mobilelink but could not find anything.Been away for the last week so trying again.

  ponytail 14:00 08 Aug 2014

Hi MechKB 2 have installed mobilelink on my wife laptop now.Not sure what to do next.Her camera is a Samsung WB35F if that helps.Thanks again

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