how to transfer from old drive to new

  bowl 21:47 16 Aug 2004

Hi everyone can somebody please tell me in simple terms as I am a simple person how to transfer files from my old laptop to a new one easily.
I am running me on a toshiba tecra 8200 am not sure of the new system yet.
Thanks for any help but please keep it fairly easy

  Danoh 00:19 17 Aug 2004

How many files do you have to transfer? I.e. what is the total amount of data in Kb or Mb or even Gb?

I presume its not small enough to warrant compressing the files onto floppy disks and effect the transfer that way. Nor do you have access to an external CD-writer. Nor a network access card so you could connect to a network which has a PC with a CD-writer already installed.

It would be also helpful if you provide more details of your Toshiba laptop's specification even if you do not yet know the new laptops specification yet.

You you get really stuck, you could always go to a PC World with a service department, or a local PC shop who could transfer your data onto CD-Rs for you to copy onto your new laptop, which presumably will have a CD-drive at least?

  jack 08:30 17 Aug 2004

Assuming the old machine has USB and also assuming the new one has - then a PC /PC bridge cable set is the answer
About a tenner at most computery stores or less at your local fair.
This is a special USB cable with no POWER and a little bit of software.

  cga 09:12 17 Aug 2004

Or try this click here

A variation that is even more flexible

  bowl 01:25 19 Aug 2004

Hi sorry its taken so long to come back but have been ofline. I have borrowed an external cdrw and will try that I'm sure I will be back with some more problems thanks for now

  Danoh 19:51 19 Aug 2004

At the very least, you will have a snapshot of all your laptop data backed up, something we should all do but never seem to be totally disciplined enough to do regularly, myself included!! And yes, it has bitten me several times and I still have not learnt.

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