How to transfer MP3 files to PC

  daz60 20:00 26 Jan 2012

I have an MP3 player which i bought in France a number of years ago,forgot the make and no indication on player,and i wish to transfer the files onto my pc.

I can play the music files when the device is connected to my pc but i want to transfer that music onto the pc so i can play without the connection.

I downloaded Winamp in the expectation that the files would be transferred to no avail.Winamp plays all the files whereas WMP does not and even ITunes does not. Is there an method for transference that i am missing.

I believe i have all the appropriate codecs.

I imagined that when i place a player or a CD into the pc that the music would automatically be saved onto the pc in the appropriate folder.

Apologies for being confused in my interpretation but i hope some one can advise.

  daz60 20:05 26 Jan 2012

My apologies again,i am using an HP Win 7 64 bit if that makes a difference.

  canarieslover 21:09 26 Jan 2012

Does the player show in Windows explorer? If it does it should be fairly easy to locate the folder on the player that contains the files and then highlight them and copy to a folder on your hard drive.

  daz60 06:14 27 Jan 2012


Yes,it does show in Win Explorer but when i highlight and right click the drop-down menu does not give an option to save to my local drive [C drive].

  canarieslover 06:21 27 Jan 2012

You are not looking for a 'Save' option. Highlight files on the MP3 player, Right click and look for 'Copy', then highlight the folder on your hard drive, Right click and 'Paste'. Or you can highlight the files on the player and Left click and hold Left mouse button down and drag the cursor to the folder on your hard drive. Release mouse button and files should then transfer over.

  daz60 11:32 27 Jan 2012

Give that a try in morning after work,time for bed now.

  daz60 08:14 29 Jan 2012


Thanks a lot for the info,just finished transferring and playing in Winamp. When box game up i saw how much was being transferred and got worried about the amount,only 109 songs but 493 items when i clicked on more details that showed exactly what was happening.

Again big thanks,an 'old dog' can learn.Just one more question...

decided to buy new MP3,do i do same in reverse to transfer to new device.??

  KRONOS the First 08:37 29 Jan 2012

It will all depend on the new device.It might well come with software to make the whole process very easy. If not post back with make and model.

  daz60 11:00 29 Jan 2012


just ordered this gets good reviews for player and headset too.

Don't fancy an Apple,except to eat.

  KRONOS the First 12:07 29 Jan 2012

You might find this page useful then.Sony.

  daz60 17:23 29 Jan 2012

bookmarked.....many thanks.

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