How to transfer files?

  Kiwi050958 12:57 29 Jan 2014

Hi all, can you give me an idea on any software to transfer data, (photo's and such), from one HDD to another. I am running win 8.1. After doing this I would like to format the old drive. Suggestions please. Regards, Bob.

  The Kestrel 13:49 29 Jan 2014

If the hard drives are both on the same PC you can simply drag and drop folders and/or files from one HDD to another and they will be copied over.

  Kiwi050958 16:17 29 Jan 2014

Hi The Kestrel. I've just bought a new computer running Win 8.1 and I have the HDD from my old computer that I want to transfer files across from. Can you suggest a good program to do that with? My old HDD has Win Vista on it both are SATA HDD's.

  lotvic 16:56 29 Jan 2014

To install it as an extra internal drive: Switch your pc off. Open the side of your tower. Plug the old HDD into your motherboard with a new sata cable (each sata HDD has it's own cable, does not share) it does not matter that it has Win Vista on Win 8.1 will ignore that.

Switch pc on and boot up, pc Win 8.1 will see the new 'old' drive and will give it a new drive letter, (you don't need to do anything). In Windows Explorer you will be able to see the files and folders.

To use it as an external usb drive: You need to buy a caddy to put it in and then plug it into a usb port, then as above Windows Explorer will see it and the files and folders.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 29 Jan 2014

No software needed

However If the data and photos are saved in the My documents folder then you may need to take ownership of them before windows will let you access them for moving.

What was the old version of windows you were using? Vista XP?

  Kiwi050958 15:41 30 Jan 2014

Hi Fruit Bat, Win Vista.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 30 Jan 2014

The files may transfer without any problems but if yiu are asked for permission then click here

  Kiwi050958 06:54 31 Jan 2014

Hi all, thanks for all your help, I will probably go down the usb caddy route. Best Regards, Bob.

  wee eddie 13:58 31 Jan 2014

Kiwi: After successfully inserting the Hard Drive into your new Caddy and transferring the Files.

Format the Disk in the Caddy and you can use it as a back-up Drive or for the Storage of Movies which will keep the volume of stuff on you new Hard Drive lower.

When buying a New Caddy, two things might be considered.

  1. Check that the Caddy has a suitable connector to fit the old Hard Drive. To Identify what type of connector the old Hard Drive has, use Google Images.

  2. It makes sense to spend a few shekels extra and get a USB3 Caddy, which will be backward compatible anyway and soooooo much faster than USB2!

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