How to transfer emails from my tablet to my PC?

  stlucia2 11:08 16 Dec 2018

I've been away from home for 8 weeks, using my iPad to read and manage my emails. On arriving home I've opened my email software (Mozilla Thunderbird) on my PC hoping that it would retrieve again all the emails that I'd received over the past 8 weeks, so I can have them all in one place, but it only retrieved those that had arrived since I last accessed my account from my iPad.

I thought I'd configured my iPad so that email would be 'left on server' when it was read, but obviously I didn't, and right now I can't figure out how to get into the iPad email account settings so I won't have this problem next time.

Anyway, that aside, can anyone show me an easy way to select a large bunch of emails from a single account on my iPad and forward them en masse to another account so I can then retrieve and read them on my PC? Or some other way of accessing the already-read emails using Thunderbird on my PC? Otherwise I'll just have to forward them one by one.

  difarn 17:50 16 Dec 2018

These instructions may help although the example is using an i-phone I assume it will work on an i-pad.

click here instructions explain how you can leave messages on the server via your-ipad.

click here


  difarn 17:51 16 Dec 2018


Thunderbird works very well if you are prepared to try it.

  stlucia2 20:29 16 Dec 2018

Thanks difarn, your link looks like it might do it, but I'm too jet-lagged to risk trying it right now. I have a gmail account I can configure on my iPad as specified in your link, so if I can get the files copied into it properly I should be able to then access them from my PC.

  difarn 20:34 16 Dec 2018


Good luck.

  stlucia2 12:00 17 Dec 2018

Seems like my PC and/or Thunderbird were more jet-lagged than I was: Just now, on my second activation of Thunderbird, it's now displaying all the emails that I received and dealt with on my iPad over the past 8 weeks. So no need for my to do any copying or transferring.

Thanks for the replies though.

  difarn 12:16 17 Dec 2018

Good news. I did wonder if it was just a blip.

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