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  Rodders 13:46 28 Mar 2006


I'm about to setup a network mainly to share broadband between 2 PCs. PC1 is running WinME so needs to be cable connected to the router. Problem is that it is in an outbuilding.

However, I believe the previous owner of the house installed a network - there is certainly LAN sockets throughout the house and outbuilding. I'm wondering if I can utilise that to connect the outbuilding PC to the router inside the house.

Question is, how can I test the sockets out?

  Rodders 15:08 28 Mar 2006

Just had another thought......

The outbuilding is currently wired up for NTl broadband. The cable comes out of the set-top box inside the house, into a socket on the wall, then out the wall and into the outbuilding. It then terminates in another socket inside the outbuilding which then connects to the PC.

Is that just a simple RJ45 style connection? In which case, I'm all wired-up, tested and ready to go!!


  Danoh 17:54 28 Mar 2006

Do the cable connectors (& sockets) look similar to those in these diagrams?
click here
click here
click here

I've a cable modem rather then a set-top box. It has both USB and Ethernet sockets.

I did not realise your NTL box was actually in the house rather then the outbuilding..
If your existing PC is linked via Ethernet cable, then it does look like you're fine.
A standard 802.11g wireless router will now be able to serve your other PC(2) and probably the whole of your house as well.

  Rodders 20:31 28 Mar 2006

As you can tell, Danoh, I am not a hardware guru!! My first instinct was to deal with the "big picture" by employing a "big solution". In retrospect I have realised that a much simpler solution may be on offer (as set out above).

I'm fairly sure that the existing network connection between the house and the outbuilding will be suitable to get the WinME PC (in the outbuilding) to connect, via cable, to the router inside the house.

I just need to unplug the current connections to check that they are RJ45 connectors. I'm scared that if I do I will lose my broadband somehow and have to sign up again.

So I may only need a small amount of cable also, which is nice. Hopefully the NTL chappy will leave some for me or even sort it for me. Last time they did an install at my house the bloke said he'd leave some spare cable - turned out I had about 30 metres of the stuff.......and I stupidly sold it 2 weeks ago!

  Danoh 20:59 28 Mar 2006

Just unplugging your connectors will not be so disruptive, especially if everything, including the set top box is switched off ~ have a butchers! :-)
Fingers crossed for you, 'cause it would indeed be fabulous if you're already all wired up and ready to go!

Unless you're used to terminating cables with a connector, might as well buy whatever short length you need as the connectors will look neater and last longer as well.

  Danoh 23:41 28 Mar 2006

Thanks to rsinbad's post in another thread click here

  Rodders 21:22 29 Mar 2006

Yes, the connectors are RJ45.

What a happy ending! I can probably just use cable connection to the modem for both PCs now (one at a time) until I get the router sorted.

Now I better read up on WinXP security, firewalls and antivirus.

  Danoh 22:10 29 Mar 2006

Your NTL set-top box is likely to only have one Ethernet (RJ45) port, which is currently used to connect to your WinME PC in the outbuilding (is that right?).

To connect the 2nd PC without a router, you will need to buy a "Cross over" Ethernet cable (which is wired differently, internally) to run from your 2nd PC in another room, all the way back out to your 1st PC in the Outbuilding.

  Danoh 22:12 29 Mar 2006

... you mean to have swap over Ethernet cables from PC(1) and PC(2), to connect into the set-top box, one at a time.
Sure thing; sorry I misread!!

  Danoh 22:16 29 Mar 2006

Seems like you're inches away from ticking your other thread off as resolved. :-) click here

  Rodders 23:06 29 Mar 2006

i've ticked it "resolved" - and i'll do this one at the weekend if the install goes OK.

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