How to switch off google address bar search please??

  julius44 09:33 20 Nov 2013

Hello a few days ago i realised that when i'm searching via google chrome browser, it automatically launches my search from the address bar. Is there ANY way from switching this off please? I just want to be able to search from the normal search option ONLY. many thanks


  Woolwell 11:03 20 Nov 2013

The address bar is also used for search. What do you mean by the "normal" search option?

  spuds 12:24 20 Nov 2013

I have just put "how to turn off google search in address bar", in a Google search and various other alternatives to that title, and quite a lot of advice and information came up, far to many to select a link from.

Possibly doing the same, will give the results you want?.

  julius44 13:01 20 Nov 2013

Hi woolwell, what I mean is that instead of typing what i'm looking for into the address bar, all i want to do is type in the google search field, and NOT the address bar.

  Woolwell 13:05 20 Nov 2013

I still don't understand what you mean. Which Google search field? If for example you open then you can type in the search box on the webpage and you don't have to use the address bar.

  Batch 14:18 20 Nov 2013

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