How to switch off autoconnect?

  Garcot 11:23 29 Oct 2005

When using IE6 or Outlook Express a connection panel appears. If the autoconnect box is ticked, this and the connect button are greyed out and the connection continues without confrmation. This can fail to connect to the required web address. How do you turn autoconnect off since you cannot untick the greyed out box?

  mgmcc 11:54 29 Oct 2005

Go to "Control Panel > Internet Options", select the Connections tab and, if "Always dial my default connection" is selected, change it to "Dial whenever a network connection is not present". Better still, use "Never dial a connection" and connect/disconnect
manually, but that's a personal preference!

See if that helps.

  Garcot 20:22 30 Oct 2005

Thanks for your input. But "Dial when connection not present" autoconnects without confirmation and "Never dial" does not produce the connection panel. What I am trying to get back too is the connection panel produced by "Always dial" but requiring confirmation. The autoconnect box appears to be a oneway trapdoor. I have "The missing XP manual" but this tells me only how to turn the autoconnect without confirmation "on" not "off"!

  MAJ 20:31 30 Oct 2005

When the dialup box appears, click the Cancel button, that will stop the connection attempt and should allow you to untick the Connect Automatically option.

  Kev.Ifty 21:00 30 Oct 2005

I know what you mean. I think this maybe it.

I have 'Always Dial My Default Connection' ticked.

Try double clicking, when connected, the two monitors on your Task Bar.

Select PROPERTIES/OPTIONS and tick the boxes



click here

Fingers crossed Kev.

  Garcot 12:01 31 Oct 2005

Thanks to MAJ. Clicking the CANCEL button also unchecked the "connect automatically" box. Very odd but it worked!

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