How to stop Windows installing scanner driver?

  Dannyb 17:04 28 May 2010

I have Windows 7 on my PC and have just bought a Canon CanoScan 5600F scanner. I have downloaded the scanner driver for Windows 7 and the programmes to use for the scanner but cannot use the programmes as MP Navigator tells me that the scanner driver is not supported by this software. When I check the driver for the scanner I see that it has a Windows driver and not the CanoScan driver as it should have. How do I switch off the Windows driver and get the scanner to register with the CanoScan driver? I appreciate any help or advise. Thanks.

  Technotiger 17:46 28 May 2010

Go into Device Manager, right-click on the required item, then you should have the option to uninstall/disable the driver(s).

  Dark Mantis 17:50 28 May 2010

Go to Control Panel and select the Devices and Printers, then slect the scanner by right clicking on it and select properties. Next you need the Hardware tab and click on the properties button. Next click the driver tab and you have the option of updating the driver.

  Dannyb 18:53 28 May 2010

Thanks chaps but I have tried both of those suggestions without any joy. I uninstalled the driver and then installed the canon driver but when I rebooted and plugged it in it still only installed the windows driver. I tried to update the driver too but it just reported that I had the most up to date driver already installed. Problem is I can't use any of the scanner software without the canon driver installed.

  mooly 19:04 28 May 2010

Can you use device manager as Dark Mantis says above and search your PC for driver software... I haven't used W7 but in Vista you can do this.

Don't know if this helps or not,
click here

  mfletch 19:16 28 May 2010

Does it replace the driver you installed

If yes just roll back the driver

Device manager right click the driver>properties>driver>roll back

Or change the way you get updates this way you can hide the driver update,

click here

  mooly 19:22 28 May 2010

I have an Epson printer/scanner and there was a specific order to install the 4 drivers/software needed.

The Epson hadn't to be connected until one of the drivers prompted to "connect USB now" and on clicking continue it then found the correct driver. You actually installed the driver WITHOUT the device connected if you see what I mean.

Otherwise if you connected the printer without first doing this then Windows does just installs it's own immediately.

  Dannyb 20:09 28 May 2010

Thanks again but when I update the software it just seems to update Windows drivers. I'm unable to roll back to a previous version as this option is greyed out and, when I started off this process I did install the software before connecting the scanner, rebooted and then connected as per instructions. That is what has led me to this state. Frustrating or what!!!! But thanks all for your offers of help.

  northumbria61 22:07 28 May 2010

I have a Canon CanoScan 8600F which operates perfectly well on Windows Drivers in Windows 7 64 bit. I couldn't get my "ScanGear" (driver software) to install. It just comes up under "Devices & Printers" - incidentally I also had problems with "ScanGear" when using Vista -it was always giving me error messages.

  northumbria61 22:17 28 May 2010

Hi Dannyb - are you sure you have downloaded the correct drivers - have you got No.4 from this LIST?

click here

  northumbria61 22:30 28 May 2010

Sorry - this is the correct LINK

click here=

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