How to stop 'Sync Centre' from starting up?

  buel 09:13 13 Feb 2010

Hi, my gf has 'Sync centre' (software to sync her windows based mobile phone) running in her system tray and i have Googled it but apparently it cant be disabled from starting up in Vista home premium but only uninstalled, has anyone any idea how to stop this please as i believe it is using processor memory?

  birdface 09:35 13 Feb 2010

Can you untick it in msconfig start up.

  gengiscant 09:36 13 Feb 2010

To stop this sync center from starting up you must stop Disable Offline Files. To do this:
> Click Start
> Click Control Panel
> Click Network and Internet
> Click Offline Files
> Click Disable Offline Files
> Say goodbye to Sync Center and reboot.

  buel 10:28 13 Feb 2010

Hi, thanks for that, when i go to 'Network and Internet' there is no 'Offline Files'?

Ps- Buteman- Sync centre doesn't appear in msconfig!

  gengiscant 10:45 13 Feb 2010

Sorry, I assume you have Vista Basic or Premium which this tip will not work.

Have a look at this, might be the solution: click here

  birdface 10:46 13 Feb 2010

It says you can stop it on here.

click here

  Woolwell 11:10 13 Feb 2010

if she has got a windows based mobile and Vista she should be using Windows Mobile Device Center to sync. What other sync software has she got and how did it get there?
Be wary of stopping it as re-starting could be difficult. I doubt that it using processor whilst idle or taking up much memory.

  Woolwell 11:16 13 Feb 2010

Sorry - silly question above - didn't re

  Woolwell 11:19 13 Feb 2010

Start again - sorry silly question above. Didn't read your post properly. Ignore first para.

Sync Centre on my system uses zero processor when idle and only 2508k of memory. If you are trying to reduce memory usage then I suspect that there are other more intensive programs.

  buel 11:40 13 Feb 2010

Hi there Woolwell, i have just checked and you are right- in 'Processes' it only used 1,520k which is hardly anything, i was just being ultra efficient (too efficient!), Thanks for that!
Ps- am i right in thinking that task manager-processes window shows absolutely everything that uses memory/processor?

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