How to stop spam ?

  Pine Man 11:10 12 Aug 2005

Has anybody heard about the site click here that suggests it may have the answer to spam?

It appears to be an attempt to build an online community which would flood spammers websites with complaints using their online order forms.

The software that you download from Blue Security enables you to scramble your email address so it cannot be used for further spam.

So the spammers end up with, potentially, thousands of orders which they have got to check out only to find that they are complaints.

They say it is legal.

Any views?

  seedie 11:41 12 Aug 2005

I don't like the look of the site-it also wants me to download plugins which I rarely do so i feel a bit iffy about this. Could be quite wrong of course but there you go.

Quite a few ISPs are blocking spam (BT been doing for a while, NTL started doing it recently) and there is legislation on the way too.

Whenever i do online business I always quote my BT email address and they can sell it, pass it on, do what they bloody like it usually get stopped by BT.



  ACOLYTE 14:52 12 Aug 2005

How to stop spam, Dont go online dont get an email address,problem solved.

  palinka 20:38 12 Aug 2005

As ACOLYTE says, there is a simple solution! But if we did that we wouldn't be here, so we all settle for less spam rather than no spam.

A lot depends on websites you visit. Some of it depends on your activity on line -eg a very elderly friend of mine thought it was rather amusing (when he first got a computer) to read the spam about improving his sexual prowess. As a result he was flooded with spam and it's only just beginning to reduce because of rigorous deletion unopened of all "dodgy" emails.

I use Bigfoot's extra service that deletes spam; my ISP also removes spam; but spammers are for ever changing names, spellings, etc so that it's impossible to prevent ALL spam. I now use Mailwasher too; by programming that carefully I can delete what remains.

  VoG II 20:45 12 Aug 2005

Mailwasher click here

  Strawballs 22:51 12 Aug 2005

click here Full internet securety inc Anti virus, firewall, privacy and spam killer for just under £18 Mcafee

  Audeal 23:59 12 Aug 2005

ACOLYTE. You say "How to stop spam, Dont go online dont get an email address,problem solved".

Have you any advice that would stop "Snail Mail Spam". My bin is full of it.

  Number 7 00:21 13 Aug 2005
  Audeal 16:07 13 Aug 2005

Number 7. Now, how about that then. Never knew they existed. You learn something new every day. I must look into it soon. Thanks for the link Number 7.

  ACOLYTE 16:11 13 Aug 2005

Number 7's link is one of many that you can find by googleing a search and you can request through the postoffice to stop junk mail from bieng delivered.

  johnnyrocker 16:14 13 Aug 2005

click here or something similar it is called mps for mail preferences and also telephone can be registered with them.


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