How to stop someone installing programs on a desktop?

  buel 09:20 23 Feb 2014

Hi all, I have been helping install some programs on my mother in law's desktop Dell XP (No mother in law jokes, please :0) She has a 16 yr old lad who is notorious for filling up her old computer with crap games. Please can I ask is there some sort of security program which will stop him being able to install any games but allow her to install any proghrams she needs, perhaps with a password of some sort? or would such a program stop the antivirus programs from updating? Thank you in advance (Im determined to stop the little sod)


  The Kestrel 10:15 23 Feb 2014

If her PC is running XP as the OS, you could try using Local Security Policy, found under Administrative Tools in the control panel.

click here

  Woolwell 10:43 23 Feb 2014

She should have a password protected full admin account and he should have a separate limited account see MS resources. However a 16 yr old may well be able to find ways around that and The Kestrel's method.

  buel 10:51 23 Feb 2014

Hi, Thank you. Im afraid that the dual user account idea wont work as Im sure he will get on there when she is out of the room. However, please can I ask where a password comes in to play with Kestrel's link, as I cant see it?

I guess what Im after is something that asks for a password to install programs that only she will know? Am I asking too much with this idea? Thank you so far..

  Woolwell 11:49 23 Feb 2014

buel - I have given the answer with a password protected full account. She has to keep the password safe and not make it an obvious one. He may find ways around it but I cannot think of any other method.

  buel 12:07 23 Feb 2014

Hi, thank you. Yes I see what you mean but my point is that she is not going to log off her account and make him log in to his own, I just know that he will use hers. So what I was looking for was something that purely asks for a password to install programs, that way he can use her account but will not be able to install any programs. Apologies if im not being clear (I very often dont)

  bumpkin 12:55 23 Feb 2014

She could change her account to limited which they can both use. Create a new admin account with a password, then when she wants to instal her progs log on with the admin account and instal for all users then log off.

  bumpkin 12:56 23 Feb 2014

Only the admin account would need a password then.

  lotvic 17:49 23 Feb 2014

He's 16... you've no chance trying to 'stop the little sod'. Fix him up with his own computer, I'm surprised he hasn't got one.

  bumpkin 19:22 23 Feb 2014

lotvic, that is exactly how I solved a similar situation with my son when all else had failed.

  bumpkin 19:24 23 Feb 2014

All you have to do then is sort out his about once a month when he has buggered it up.

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