How to stop i.e. self-starting

  User-D08E3628-8142-4D1E-AE68F510DD9B505F 07:01 22 Dec 2004

I have a problem that cannot be unique to me !. When using the internet(via AOL DSL 1 mb Broadband)from time to time internet explorer starts another session and connects me to some unwanted site. Most irritating. I run McFee Security Centre, Spybot S & D (both updated) and AOLs own 'spyware' detecting programme, and have pop-up blocking enabled but still can't get rid of whatever is causing this.

Any ideas out there ?

  Forum Editor 07:42 22 Dec 2004

Does IE always take you to the same site?

  picklsey 08:19 22 Dec 2004

same problem here might be to do with aol,s last update not sure.perhaps others who are on aol could let us know if it,s happening with i say it only started when i got the last update.

  Diemmess 08:56 22 Dec 2004

No such problem here, but a hijacking program may be a cause.

I know it is a plodding process, but either "Live Help" or Aol on 0800 376 4406 may have a fixing method to offer.

  pj123 10:38 22 Dec 2004

A friend has just told me that everytime he boots his computer now AOL Broadband Silver logs on automatically. Is that the same problem? If he logs off it automatically logs back on again a few minutes later. To overcome it he justs minimises AOL which stops it. It doesn't log on to another site though, only to AOLs home page.

Form editor - your on the right lines. Same two/three sites examples would be click here, mediaby-nic-cjt1-net

Don't think this is an aOL issue - loaded an AOL update a dat or two ago - no issues.

If we are being 'hijacked' is there a simple cure ?

  Diemmess 08:12 23 Dec 2004

As I said hijacking has become the likely cause.
Download HijackThis and x-raypc.

With the first, if you post the log here, two sages Nellie2 and Mark2 are mustard at sorting out the rogue commands.

With X-rayPC you are supposed to be able to sort it for yourself since the program shows what is safe and what is dodgy..... I couldn't understand this enough to try, but I don't have the skill or confidence!

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