How to stop email after sending?

  Caså 15:58 29 Nov 2005

OE6 By mistake I sent a photo with email before reducing.Saw my mistake as it was a long time sending.(to a dial up Friend).

I cannot find how to stop it sending so I can send again.I disabled bb & deleted the mail,but on reconnecting bb it starts sending again.
Would like to know for future.

Is there a way to cancel?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:19 29 Nov 2005

What email client are you using?

If you reboot your PC will it try to send again?

  Caså 16:51 29 Nov 2005

Hi Diodorus Siculus.
Using Outlook Express 6...yes sends after reboot.I did sort it after disconnecting then deleting mail then resending correct mail.At least its not in sent folder.I thought there must be a better way though.


  Skyver 17:31 29 Nov 2005

If you have a 3rd party firewall or a router you could block port 25 (SMTP) for a few minutes until the email client times out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 29 Nov 2005

If its already gone, then phone your friend and get him to access his email direct from his ISP web page and delete it from there.

This wil stop him having to downoad a very lenghty email on his dial up before he can access the rest of his emails. his download of the rest of his emails

  Caså 18:59 29 Nov 2005

Thanks Skyver & Fruit Bat /\0/ I'll do that. I just thought I have missed something,because most other things in windows lets it be cancelled.I have not come across this before.

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