How to stop CHKDSK?

  zincy 21:59 03 Sep 2005


Everytime i reboot or boot up my computer checks my D and E drive. how do i stop this?


  dave_and_confused 22:01 03 Sep 2005

Do you let it do the scan?

  mattyc_92 22:02 03 Sep 2005

Stop rebooting the system?

Just joking..... When was the last time you done a virus, spyware, adware, etc scans?

  zincy 22:04 03 Sep 2005

yes i let it scan, but next time i boot up same thing happens again.. i run a virus scan and spyware to see if this solves the problem

  VoG II 22:05 03 Sep 2005

What are your D and E drives?

Presumably this is XP.

  zincy 22:05 03 Sep 2005

yes this is xp
they are hard drives

  VoG II 22:09 03 Sep 2005
  zincy 22:16 03 Sep 2005

i just tried the 3 steps but i'm still getting the check disk at start up

  Eric10 22:32 03 Sep 2005

More help here click here

  zincy 10:31 04 Sep 2005

thank you eric!
your link has cured my problem!!

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