How to stay logged in on this site?

  Faffingwaste 12:31 26 Mar 2009

This has happened to me before where this website's concerned: I log in, see "welcome my user name" at the top of the page, then reply to a post or raise a new query, click to "publish this thread" and. . .

The only thing that happens is the screen changes to the forum view again.

No post sent at all.

And at the top of the page it says LOG IN.

(Which means this post won't appear either if the same thing happens again.)

Any ideas, anyone?

  Faffingwaste 12:32 26 Mar 2009

Ah. Success. Still mystified though. . .

  birdface 13:08 26 Mar 2009

Any idea what you did as I keep getting logged out if I go for a cuppa.I have keep me logged in ticked.

  Faffingwaste 13:29 26 Mar 2009

Thanks buteman -- sorry, no idea. I'm 'keep me logged in', too. Very odd!

  birdface 14:16 26 Mar 2009

Ok.Thanks.Just went downstairs for another cuppa and it was logged off again.Just a bit of an nuisance.

  Graham. 14:55 26 Mar 2009

Go to My Profile. There is a box to tick 'Keep me logged in'.

  Faffingwaste 17:57 26 Mar 2009

Hi Graham:

Thanks for the reminder -- whoa, how weird! "My Profile" always has the little box ticked with 'keep me logged in until I log out' but, er, today it's somehow become un-ticked.

Heigh-ho! Fingers crossed it's all OK again.

Thanks again, gang.

  Faffingwaste 18:50 26 Mar 2009

Spoke too soon.

As a test, I left this page open and tabbed out to other websites.

Came back to this page, refreshed it, and I'm told to LOG IN even though I never logged out and even though, an hour ago, the Profile tick box was definitely ticked and saved.

All seems a bit pointless bothering, really.

  birdface 18:58 26 Mar 2009

Yes a bit of an nuisance.It does not happen with Firefox.So must be an I.E problem.

  Faffingwaste 11:37 27 Mar 2009

Buteman: I'm guessing it is, though cannot think why.

Last night I yet again ticked the appropriate box and "save changes" and after posting, logged out.

I've logged in again now and gone into User Profile and, yup, there's the box again. . .



  Ventad 11:42 27 Mar 2009

I do not have a problem staying logged in I have a problem logging out. It does not matter how many times I click log out I am still logged in. The only way to log out is to close the PCA page down!!

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