How to spot damage on a CPU?

  Kasumione 01:34 13 May 2015

I have a brand new mother board, a brand new season gold rated psu and I am still facing the same issues as I was previously. The heatsink fan spins for half a second and stops, computer will not boot at all. I have isolated the motherboard on wood, removed all components and left just a stick of ram, cpu and psu and still the same unsuccessful result. I have also reset the cmos and attempted to reboot which proved unsuccessful with the same results a second time. Due to testing the cpu and heatsink on a brand new motherboard and with a brand new reputable power supply, also with and without ram, I am now focusing on the cpu being the problem. However on examination the CPU shows no signs of damage at all. The motherboard does not smell of burnt silicone and neither does the cpu. The board is all in tact with no signs of burnt damage or corrosion and especially not on the new one. Would a CPU show signs of damage necessarily if it had been "fried". What other issues with the cpu could there be? perhaps a faulty heat sink? I replaced the thermal compound, cleared the fan of all dust and this still did not improve anything. The last time that it was working, a registry update was taking place in which the computer rapidly shut down and would not restart. All components are under two years old, (asus deluxe p8z77 motherboard, WD velociraptor 1tb, 16gb corsair vengeance ram, i7 3770k processor, corsair cx 450 w psu and was recently replaced with a seasonic gold 550 w psu to narrow down the issues). Please help :( I also do not have an onboard graphics card or water cooling system. I can't seem to find anything about damaged cpu's and what to look for, and also how to test a heat sink fan independently.

Thank you for any replies

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