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How to split a .pdf file into individual pages?

  stlucia2 11:29 26 Dec 2018

An electronic device I got for Christmas requires me to download its manual from the internet. I've done so, and it's in .pdf format, and I can read it on the screen okay but it doesn't contain any page breaks.

When I try to print it 'fit to page' it formats as one long thin vertical strip, fitting the whole document onto a single page. If I set the page size in the print dialogue box so that it fits a page nicely (scale = 88%) it only prints page 1, containing the first portion that's showing on the screen: It doesn't recognise any subsequent pages, and on screen I can't scroll down to see the rest of the document.

I've tried using Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print it, rather that whatever default was applied when it downloaded, but the result is the same. So how can I force page-breaks please, so that I can print the whole manual on A4 paper?

This is the file in question.

I suppose I could do a series of Print Screens, but there must be a way to do it properly.

  stlucia2 13:51 26 Dec 2018

Thanks rdave: I've just tried the basic version of PDFSam, but it seems to rely on page numbers or bookmarks, which seem to be non-existent in my particular file. I think Adobe would allow me to insert bookmarks, but I have to buy an add-on to achieve that.

I also tried another one which a search brought up, but it can't split it either. So I'm going to to the Print Screen route. I think it's only about 10 pages, so not too much of a burden.

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