how to speed up XP

  ro1 15:09 21 Nov 2003

How to speed up XP by using the Internal Services Posted by: hybrid on Nov 09, 2003 - 11:39 AM

How to access Windows XP's Services Click start Run... Enter the following: services.msc There are other ways of accessing the 'Internal Services' of Windows XP, using the Administrative Tools, located under Control Panel - where you would need to select Computer Management.

To Turn off a service - Double-click the service you wish to access. Under the General Tab, where it states 'Startup Type:' Select 'Disabled'. Click Apply then OK after disabling the following services.

Alerter | Clipbook Computer Browser | Fast User Switching Indexing Service | Messenger Net Logon Netmeeting | Remote Desktop Sharing Remote Desktop Help Session Manager | Remote Registry Routing & Remote Access | Server SSDP Discovery Service | TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Telnet | Upload Manager Wireless Zero Configuration | Workstation

Disabling Services You may not find all the services listed on our table are in your computer, this does not mean you do not have them. It just means they may not be running, so there's no reason to turn them off!

You do not need to panic by disabling these services, since Windows XP will turn them back on when it requires them. After re-booting the services that were turned on by Windows XP, will again be disabled, allowing better performance.

is this alright........

  hugh-265156 16:01 21 Nov 2003

after disabling a service,windows will NOT be able to turn it on if required.

setting it to manual,then it will.

click here

click here

  ro1 14:35 22 Nov 2003

thank you all for all your information which i have stored for the my position 72year old home and design it worth (mucking about) with my pc.....please remember you are speaking to an

  hugh-265156 14:50 22 Nov 2003

yes,its worth it.

some are useless to the average user.

some are a security risk.

most want to automatically start with windows and dont need to.

why let unused services have your ram when you can put it to better use running your programs.

just play it safe and set a restore point first,do it slowly and only disable or set to manual one or two at a time and restart,see how it goes.

ps.using the "safe" settings from black vipers site should not give you any problems.just read the info about the service first on the site.

  ro1 10:49 23 Nov 2003

hi huggy - if i could see you i would give you a hug....thank you ive printed off your advice and shall do - at my leisure.....thank you again love joy.......

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