How to speed up my computer?

  DIYgirl 19:48 08 Oct 2004

First of all, sorry for asking what is probably a very basic question. I suspect I really should know this stuff already, but don't. Story of my life.

I run Windows 98 on a seven-year-old computer, and it is getting a bit slow lately (no laughter, please). I use it mostly for emails and word-processing so don't need anything quicker, but this recent slow-down does worry me.

I just got a message telling me that there was not enough memory for me to run both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

I have run Norton Systemworks, cleaned out all the files that I can (using Norton), defragmented the hard drive, and it is still slow. This all happened after I had to retrieve my email account settings from Wanadoo a couple of days ago, as the account had turned dormant (I use another ISP to dial up).

Any ideas what I can do to speed things up? Apart from buying a new computer, which I would really rather not do?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 08 Oct 2004 here , here. Download both, use both, delete all they find. They usually speed up computers immensely.


  [DELETED] 19:55 08 Oct 2004

This is a cracking little program click here you can get rid of a lot of the windows bloat with it, and its reasonably priced. If you can I think its best to do a clean install with it, also unofficial windows Service pack 1.5 click here this will make Windows run better by making more efficient use of this like the swap file.

  [DELETED] 19:57 08 Oct 2004

By the way, I just checked my Windows partition and the Windows folder occupies 350MB using the above programmes.

  Jackcoms 20:16 08 Oct 2004

GANDALF <|:-)>

I've used CCleaner for many months now - on your recommendation (creep, creep) - and very happy I am too.

But what's the subtle difference between CCleaner and Regseeker?

  JIM 20:25 08 Oct 2004

lets presume,you have no nasties on your system for the moment that may be causing a problem.
(i'am sure you know what software to use if that be the case)

"Do a scanreg /restore " Restart system, select start with commmand prompt,on the shutdown list and reboot.

At the C:\------ prompt type in scanreg /restore then click enter.-----From the list of registry dates on screen choose an entry before you noticed or had the problem.Select, Exit/reboot and see if any change.

Then if no joy you can try some of the software suggested if there are no nasties on your system etc.


  woodchip 20:51 08 Oct 2004

First after clearing the normal dross, from Temps and Internet stuff is to see if SFC from the run box will make any difference, you need your Win98se CD in the Drive before you use it. But the best way would be to clear the Drive with Format using the Win98se floppy and reload OS and limited software and you will think you have a new Computer. If you decide to do this come back for info as you need to save not just e-mail and docs but also your Drivers, "I have a small program that does that" so you can restore them all without having to download them all again.

  DIYgirl 14:25 11 Oct 2004

I ran the two programs that Gandalf suggested, and they have improved things no end. Far faster now, and I am feeling very pleased with myself.

However, there are two new problems now.

About one time in every three that I switch the computer on, the dial-up connection box appears and insists that I connect to the internet, although no other programs seem to appear. I can't close the box down in any way, apart from connecting.

I have three email accounts which were trouble-free before. But now, when I click "send and receive" on outlook express, after the first address has collected its messages, the internet connection is switched off and I have to redial to complete checking my messages. The odd thing here is that this one is also not consistent: it always happens when OE starts up and checks messages on its own, and sometimes when I check messages whilst working. I have checked the tools/internet options/connections tag, and it is not set to switch off after checking mail, and I can't think how else to sort this!

  woodchip 21:04 11 Oct 2004

Go into Control Panel\Internet Options\Connection tick the box never dial a connection

  Eamonncw 22:49 11 Oct 2004

I used CCleaner last night and my ancient tin o` tricks is acting like a young `un. Credit where iy`s due, a post by Gandalf a short while ago. Ta mate

  Gaz 25 22:59 11 Oct 2004

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