How to sort items by name in the "Start Menu"?

  Daibus 15:39 23 Feb 2005

Is there a way to sort by name, the items in "All Programmes" accessed from the "Start Menu"?


  Technotiger 15:40 23 Feb 2005

Hi, right-click on any item and then on Sort by Name

  Daibus 15:42 23 Feb 2005


Cheers for your reply but is there a way to get them all sorted at the same time, instead of having to go through each one individually?

  stalion 15:46 23 Feb 2005

if you choose any program and follow the above advice they will all be sorted in to alphabetical order in one go

  Daibus 15:51 23 Feb 2005


Yes but they don't all seem to sort in the correct order ...only some of them.

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:54 23 Feb 2005

Folders are sorted first, followed by individual programmes.

  Daibus 15:56 23 Feb 2005

Got it! Sorry for my stupidity.

  ventanas 15:56 23 Feb 2005

Right-clicking on any item and choosing sort by name should always do just that, folders first and then individual shortcuts.

  Technotiger 16:08 23 Feb 2005

Hi again - not stupid at all, no need to apologise, we all had to learn too you know.
Well, now you know too... :-))

  Stuartli 17:38 23 Feb 2005

You can do Sort by Name for Favorites, Bookmarks and even the Start Menu if you wish; right clicking on the Start Menu button also brings up a menu...:-)

  Daibus 10:38 24 Feb 2005


Thanks for your help as well...PCA always comes up trumps.

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