how to solve printer roller problems

  Kerri18 16:08 23 Jan 2013

Hi i own a Canon Pixma MP160 Printer i have had this for 5 years. Recently when i print the paper moves down a little bit then stops i get a message that the printer is out of paper with the letter E on the display and then the number 2 after re-adjusting the paper it says the same thing it is as if the roller isn't taking the paper down could you help many thanks Kerri

  Forum Editor 16:23 23 Jan 2013

If the printer has been used for 5 years the possibility is that the roller traction is deficient, due to wear on the roller rubber.

  Kerri18 16:28 23 Jan 2013

can this be solved thanks

  Peter 17:17 23 Jan 2013


Sometimes dust and/or paper dust can accumulate on the rollers causing the paper to slip due to lack of traction.

As the Forum Editor has indicated this can be due to age, but I have found that by running some clean, light-weight card, with a little isopropyl alcohol sprinkled on it, through the printer, can clean the rollers a little and improve traction.

You should be able to obtain isopropyl alcohol at the chemist for a few pounds for 250ml so to try this shouldn't cost a fortune.


  BT 17:36 23 Jan 2013

Try cleaning the roller with a little Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth. Cheaper and more easily obtainable than Isopropyl Alcohol and should do the job. If the rollers are shiny try rubbing GENTLY with a Scotchbright scourer.

  spuds 10:54 24 Jan 2013

A printer of 5 years old can often pick up little problems as described, and possible solutions are those already suggested. Check also, if any 'spring loaded catches and levers' in the internals are not sticking, but this can be an easy or difficult task, depending on how you go about it.

Isopropyl Alcohol is a regular used applicant, but chemist shops are by no means the cheapest. For what some charge for a 250ml bottle, which usually requires ordering, I can purchase far bigger quantities delivered for just slightly more. Check out eBay.

Due to the low costs of budget printers nowadays, I would tend to look at a new purchase, instead of an expensive repair.

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