How to simplify outlook 2010 operation

  ened 15:51 20 Jul 2011

All I want this programme to do is send and receive emails from my one AOL account.

I cannot find a way to do the following:

Stop it leaving messages on the server

Stop it synchronising with the server so that a mirror image is created on the AOL server. Every time I create a folder it appears on the server - If I delete it from the server it also deletes it from my Hard Drive.

I have been forced to use Outlook because Win 7 doesn't (apparently) support OE or Windows Mail but if I can't sort this out I would appreciate it if another email client could be recommended (not Live).

  Woolwell 18:37 20 Jul 2011

It seems as if you have an imap AOL account. This is exactly what would happen with an imap instead of an pop account. There are advantages in that any pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone sees exactly the same e-mails and the same layout. Clearly you do not want that. Suggest that you check whether AOL is set up for imap. If it is no matter what e-mail client you use then it will stay the same.

There isn't any problem with Windows Live Mail but if you don't like MS then try Thunderbird.

  ened 06:23 22 Jul 2011

Hi Woolwell

I posted a reply yesterday but it hasn't appeared. This thread doesn't appear in My Posts either so something is wrong.

I have tried to find help on this problem but the only thing I didn't look for is imap.

When I set up Outlook it gave me the option to leave mails on the server or not. I opted to do so in the belief that I could change it at a later time.

I just cannot find that option. It doesn't appear to be there

  onthelimit1 07:44 22 Jul 2011

If the same as 2003, Tools, Accounts, Modify, Settings, More Settings, Advanced tab. Untick 'leave message on server'.

  ened 12:44 22 Jul 2011

onthelimit1 I don't think it is quite the same but, following advice from a couple of places I googled, I found my way to the same place.

For some reason, on that page the option to untick/tick : "leave messages on server" is missing.

  Woolwell 12:54 22 Jul 2011

It will be missing if it is an imap account. Did you check?

  Woolwell 12:54 22 Jul 2011

It will be missing if it is an imap account. Did you check?

  Woolwell 12:55 22 Jul 2011

Dreaded double post to waiting - slow site on IE9.

  ened 14:00 22 Jul 2011

Hi Woolwell

Yes I did check and answered your question in yesterday's missing post. Apologies

It is an imap account.

I am a bit confused because, as far as I am aware it has always been a pop account. In fact I always set up my stuff manually and, when I joined AOL I definitely put the pop settings into Win Mail.

I can only assume that when Outlook set up the connection it was changed.

Is that possible?

  Woolwell 14:36 22 Jul 2011

Did you let it set up automatically? Otherwise it shouldn't be possible to change from pop to imap. All of your "problems" relate to imap which means that all of the e-mails are kept on the servers and all of your folders are replicated there. I prefer it that way for one of my accounts as then I can share it with whatever system I am using. If you don't like that then you need to change back to pop. Your incoming server should be something like pop.isp instead of imap.isp. However as I don't use AOL I cannot advise on how to change.

  ened 15:07 22 Jul 2011

Thanks for that Woolwell

Yes I did let it set itself up automatically - clearly that is where I went wrong.

Always learning!

I shall look into how to change it back.

Thanks for the help and info.

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