how to show programs in "all programs" menu ?

  [DELETED] 19:02 30 Sep 2003

when i install some software it doesnt automatically assign itself to the start - all programs menu , is there a way to do this manually ? as i dont like cluttering my desktop with shortcuts .

  [DELETED] 19:32 30 Sep 2003

Right click the Start Button and select Explore. then move shortcuts about to your hearts content.

You can create folder and new shortcuts as normal too...

  [DELETED] 20:06 30 Sep 2003

jester2k ii

  [DELETED] 22:07 30 Sep 2003

tried your answer to pinka and it only shows half the progs i have in the start - progs list????

am I dumb

  [DELETED] 22:09 30 Sep 2003

Some will be listed under All Users and some under individual user log in names.

Those under All Users appear under All User Accounts and those under the log in names only appear under that log in name.

Go to c:\documents and settings then go down to All Users there a Desktop folder and a Start menu folder for all users. Then look under you login name.

  [DELETED] 22:14 30 Sep 2003

Further to Jester2K II

Right click Start button and choose "Explore all users". You should see the lot then. You probably have to be logged in as the Administrator to see this option.

  [DELETED] 08:04 01 Oct 2003

many thanks for all the trouble taken but can not see all programs that are in my list

  [DELETED] 20:32 01 Oct 2003

tried all but no and i am the only user so have no log in

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