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how should I dump a useless laptop

  laptopdunce 10:26 05 Jul 2017

after long drama with broken acer W8 laptop which I cannot even get to reboot I really have to dump this thing now, what is the best way to get rid of it, given that I cant get it to reboot at all, (locked in "please wait" or "preparing to repair" mode, nothing works, ALT+F8, shift lock hold down, CTRL+ALT+DELTE, bearing in mind there are still my files on the HD, (have got the files off but dont want to just bin it in case someone can still get passwords off it) thanks laptopdunce

  wee eddie 16:31 05 Jul 2017

Buy it from them. Give a small business a little trade. You'll not regret it and you'll know that you have the right thing

  lotvic 20:49 05 Jul 2017

the shop said they will fix it for me if I buy the caddy thing, I think this one on ebay UK should be OK??

I think you'll find the shop meant for you to buy the caddy from them.

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