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How should I clean laptop screen

  dagbladet 15:56 24 Oct 2005

My 4 year old laptop screen has several marks, most likely kids sticky fingers. Any ideas on how to clean it?

  rawprawn 15:59 24 Oct 2005

Use a damp cloth (Not wet)

  woodchip 16:01 24 Oct 2005

You are only advised to use a Soft dry cloth by Laptop makers

  woodchip 16:01 24 Oct 2005

Do not press hard

  dagbladet 16:18 24 Oct 2005

Oh no! damp or dry. Seriously, dry dosen't seem to get the worst of it off. To dampen or not to dampen, that is the question.

  dagbladet 16:20 24 Oct 2005

Also while we're at it sticky touchpad anybody?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:22 24 Oct 2005

Do NOT use any form of surface cleaner glass cclenres or alchol based cleaners as they "melt" the surface of the screen.

A "moist" cloth rub very lightly will do the job

I usually find if the marks don't appear to be comming off I need to clean my glasses aswell :0)

  woodchip 16:24 24 Oct 2005

I am glad I kept the celluloid over mine

  Batch 16:35 24 Oct 2005

Better still, keep it in the box.

  rawprawn 17:21 24 Oct 2005

I admire your forward thinking John! :-))

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