Marios 10:49 02 Jan 2005

Hi all and a happy, productive and fulfilling new year!
i want to know if any simple, free programs exist to take mp3s from my hard drive, choose and save only a chosen section from them to use as ringtones for my mobile phone (you only want the best bit, not the whole song for a ringtone!)
Thanks for your time, Marios

  ICF 10:55 02 Jan 2005

If you have a creative sound card use creative sound recorder

  jimv7 11:02 02 Jan 2005

PMSplayer from click here

  Marios 11:02 02 Jan 2005

it sounds unlikely, my computer is almost 5 years old, i would not even know, any other ideas?

  Marios 11:08 02 Jan 2005

Thanks for the suggestion but it costs too much for the simple thing i want to do. My phone plays MP3s already, i need no conversion, just to 'chop' parts of my songs. Any other ideas?

  genuinefake 11:12 02 Jan 2005

'Audacity' you can download it at it is free and easy to useeeeeeeeeeeee.

  jimv7 11:13 02 Jan 2005

You still need to convert it to mmf files which is the format that most mobiles use.

Look on ebay for the software for your phone, most likely it will contain a version of pmsplayer.

  AragornUK 11:13 02 Jan 2005

I use a program called Audacity (freeware, available from click here). I open the MP3 track in Audacity, select the 10 - 30 second bit I want, then save the selection as a new MP3. I then edit the MP3 to reduce it's size a little, the upload to the phone. You will need to download an MP3 encoder (one that has been linked on this site before is the FHG Radium codec from click here - the site's in French, but I think the download is in English)

You will need a way of connectiing your phone to the PC, usually via the USB port. What's the make & model of your phone? If you already have the PC connection leads etc, then ignore that last bit....

  Marios 11:18 02 Jan 2005

Thank you to you all, sorry to not have mentioned, my phone is a P900, i will try now your suggestions and if no success i will get back to you!

  Marios 11:31 02 Jan 2005

I installed Audacity but cannot, no matter what, work out how to record the certain parts of the mp3 i have imported! Ideas please!?

  AragornUK 11:45 02 Jan 2005

OK, you need to play it to see where on the scale at the top the bit you want is. Then left click and drag a selection to choose the bit you want.

The choose File => Export selection as...... If MP3 isn't available you need the codec I mentioned above.

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