How to share wifi

  mick42 23:45 15 Feb 2010

If a friend visits me and wants to make use of my wifi conection, what information would they need/I have to give them

  ame 01:20 16 Feb 2010

If you have not disabled the broadcast by the router of the network name, they only need the password. If you have disabled the router from broadcasting your network name, and they view available networks, the network will show up un-named and when they try to connect, they will have to enter both the name and the password. Simples...

  ame 01:28 16 Feb 2010

Just thought - the security settings might stop an old laptop connecting, because it only supports WEP security encryption, whilst your router might be set to only use the more secure WPA or WPA2 encryption. If so, you need to go into the router settings via your pc and change them.

  mick42 17:16 16 Feb 2010

Thanks for the quick help. mike

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