How to share inbox in outlook express

  Awestruck 12:36 19 Nov 2006

Wirless network. Windows XP home.
Please can any one tell me how to share inbox in Outlook Express?


  Aargh 19:44 19 Nov 2006

You can only download your mail once from your mail server, so it will be downloaded on to the pc you used to download it, not both.

  Awestruck 20:16 19 Nov 2006

Thank you Aargh

How can the Inbox be shared with the other computer, do I locate the inbox folder and then right click it and select share?


  Aargh 10:41 20 Nov 2006

Install OE on both machines, the downloaded mail will then be downloaded onto the machine you were using when you downloaded it. I'm not aware that you can set up share permisissions on your inbox, unless you store mail in a shared folder elswhere on your network.

I'm sure there is an OE expert on here who can help.

  Aargh 10:45 20 Nov 2006

permissions even!

  Eric10 11:28 20 Nov 2006

I don't think you can share the inbox but you can set Outlook Express so that the emails can be downloaded to both PCs.
Open Outlook Express and go to Tools, Accounts, Mail tab. Highlight the account then click the Properties button. Click the Advanced tab then tick 'Leave a copy of messages on server'. Set your preferrence for when messages will be removed then click OK. Do the same on the other PC and you are setup to receive all messages on both PCs.

  mgmcc 12:00 20 Nov 2006

You might be able to use a synchronisation program to keep mailboxes in multiple computers synchronised. I have done it with Outlook (not Outlook Express), which is simple with a single .PST file, and with Eudora and Mozilla Thunderbird where you can select the storage location for mailbox files. I haven't actually tried it with the Outlook Express .DBX files as I don't use the program.

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