How To Setup Router For My Specific Case

  Gemmy51 17:09 13 Feb 2018

So I'm trying to connect 4-5 devices to a router (that has no internet) and be able to send signals between them. At least two of the devices will be tablets and two of them will be PC's. I want to be able to play a PC game on PC1 and have PC2 join the game as well and play against PC1 offline(cannot do a Ethernet cord). I also want the tablet's to be able to send signals directly to the respective PC's. I could work around this, but it would still be nice if its possible to do this and tell the PC to hit a keyboard button I have bound to a macro or something. What do you recommend I setup my router as? I know there's a bunch of different things like Wan, Lan, Adhoc, etc. but I dont know which one is best for me or how to use/set them up as I'm unfamiliar with all of this. My router is a ASUS AC1900 (RT-AC68U).

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