How to set up wired network with router

  Ray5776 19:17 05 Jun 2006

Hello all,
I currently have two XP machines networked to each other and my broadband using a Xover cable and USB speedtouch modem.
What I would like to do is network three XP machines using a wired router, not sure what is a suitable router, what happens to the USB modem or how to best set it up.

Any help please,


  ade.h 19:35 05 Jun 2006

Any router (or modem/router in your case; you are an ADSL user, yes?) will do the job, particularly one in which the wireless link can be turned off in the config UI.

The modem goes in the spares box.

Setup? Simple. Just plug the clients to the router with RJ45 Ethernet cables (note that crossovers are not required; patches are fine) click here.

*Only* bother running the NSW (Network Setup Wizard) if you need to share files and printers. Distribution of an internet connection does not require in a router-based network.

Remember to switch to "never dial a connection" in the Connection tab of Internet Options on each client, and remember to configure each client's firewall when it prompts you.

  Ray5776 22:35 05 Jun 2006

Thanks ade.h,
I have plenty of cables, so do I need a modem router or any router, can anyone suggest a suitable one please.
I will require printer and file sharing which I think
I can sort out, my main concern is getting the correct router if my existing modem is going in the spares box then surely the new router must have a ADSL modem incorporated.

Thanks for your response

  ade.h 22:58 05 Jun 2006

As a said in the first line; a modem/router if you are an ADSL user. Your ref to a USB modem indicates that this is the case.

  Ray5776 18:32 06 Jun 2006

eTec ADSL Modem Router with 4 10/100 ethernet ports , 8Mbps downstream (max) 1mbps upsstream (max).
Does this sound OK?

The reason I ask what may seem obvious is that I recently bought a BT Voyager Router on someone elses advice and it only had 1 ethernet port & 1 USB, plus the fact it was determined only to connect to BT Broadband and my ISP is Wanadoo (Orange now).

Thanks for your response, just want to be sure I get the right thing this time.


  ade.h 18:38 06 Jun 2006

Not that I am in a position to criticise "eTec", whatever the heck it is, so I won't comment on that, but I can only recommend that you stay with a brand that we on the forum can actually support! ie. I personally recommend Belkin, Linksys and 3Com, having used all those brands and with great success. I like routers that are very tweakable. BT Voyager products appear to be a little... unusual. The more I research them, the less I like. They apparently have a default encryption key, for example; why?! Choose your own, and only when the wireless link is proven to work!

  ade.h 18:40 06 Jun 2006

And 99% of modem/routers have the standard 4 RJ45 ports. Any less than 3 is just penny-pinching.

  Ray5776 20:02 06 Jun 2006

Thanks again, see your point.

  NattyFido 03:00 12 Jul 2006

I bought one of these because Orange (Wanadoo(Freeserve!)) were taking so long to send the Speedtouch 330 USB modem.
It is a piece of cake to set up and has 4 auto-sensing RJ45 sockets. It will go up to 24Mb/s if/when you upgrade to a faster connection.

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