How to set TPLink Smart Bulbs to manual mode?

  stlucia2 20:06 09 Jan 2018

I'm struggling to understand exactly how TPLink Smart Bulbs are programmed to operate in fully manual mode -- i.e. they'll ignore any schedule that I've set up in Kasa.

The point is, in the Kasa app I've gone to the Device Settings menu at the top right of the display for the relevant bulb, and moved the Remote Control slider to "off". At least I presume it's off because it's now greyed out. But the light is still going on and off according to its schedule. I've also got Default States "When my bulb is turned on from the power source, go to" ... "On from power source". But I'd like it to be ON and OFF from the power source, which doesn't seem to be an option.

So, when I'm not on holiday do I have no option other than to (a) replace these bulbs with regular ones or, (b) delete all the schedules in Kasa?

  wee eddie 22:45 09 Jan 2018

Or leave it to run, and let outsiders think that there are people living in your house

  stlucia2 08:45 10 Jan 2018

That's the whole idea when I'm away wee eddie. But when I'm home I don't want them switching off automatically while I'm still in the room.

  stlucia2 13:30 11 Jan 2018

Well, I've found the answer, in case anybody else is interested: The "Remote Control" slider only affects the ability to switch the devices on and off from the Kasa app. To stop them from responding to schedules which have been set up, one has to disable every scheduled event, either by deleting the event or by switching it "off" using the slider switch that's on every schedule line in Kasa.

My confusion was thinking that the global "Remote Control" on/off function included remote control by the programmed schedule.

  wee eddie 14:12 11 Jan 2018

My own opinion is that it would be considerably simpler just to apply a finger to the switch.

  stlucia2 20:13 11 Jan 2018

Yes, that's what I want to do -- when we're at home to do it.

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