How to set up System Restore points.

  Stressed Mum 14:23 20 Sep 2007

I did warn you I would be back! Now that things have settled a little I need to make a few changes - the first one which I think is very important given my history - is to make sure that I have plently of restore points available. I have just checked - and created a restore before doing so! - and I only have the option of the previous 3 days. I feel quite sure that I used to have up to one month or maybe more - is there a way I can change this. I remember being in a window somewhere only a few days ago, where, if I increased the percentage I would be able to have more restore points and I pushed that up to the max - but I don't think it has made any difference. OS Windows XP MS 2003. Thanks. SM

  BurrWalnut 15:49 20 Sep 2007

In WinXP the default is to make a restore point every day providing the PC is idle. They are also made by most programs when they are installed. You can make then manually as often as you like.

You can change the interval between system restore points by going to Start > Run, type regedit and press Enter, then navigate to registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore. In RPGlobalInterval it is set to 86400 (seconds) which represents 24 hours. Change it accordingly.

  Stressed Mum 17:31 20 Sep 2007

Hi and thank you. Had a look at that and it is indeed set to 86400. But when I wish to restore to more than 3 days back I am not given the option to do this. It only seems to hold the last few days - I am sure in the past I have been given the option to go back weeks not just days? I have notice this probme just over the past few weeks as I have had a lot of trouble with trying to recover photos, needing a new scanner, running various sypwares etc. Could this have effected it?

  wee eddie 17:36 20 Sep 2007

Just set it up to behave normally (Default) and it will make 1 each day.

If you are about to install new software (or update some software) make a Restore Point, I usually name it something along the lines of "pre Word Update" and the Restore automatically gives it a date (& time) anyway.

In other words ~ Keep it simple.

By the way BurrWalnut. How did you chose your handle. It's probably the most beautiful type of wood in the world. (Tastes good as well)

  Stressed Mum 17:39 20 Sep 2007

I guess somehow that the System checkpoints that are created daily by your computer have stopped being checked?

  wee eddie 17:39 20 Sep 2007

Did you, by any chance, turn Restore off?

That would have lost all Restore Points.

Normally one leaves 12% of ones Hard Drive for Restore Points. This could have been reduced.

  Clapton is God 17:39 20 Sep 2007

"I am sure in the past I have been given the option to go back weeks not just days?"

This may help:

Right click on My Computer and choose Properties; System Restore.

Move the 'Disk space to use' slider towards the Max mark.

  Stressed Mum 17:40 20 Sep 2007

Thanks I understand that - but I am not getting a daily one at all!

  Stressed Mum 17:41 20 Sep 2007

Got the disc percentage to the far right positon

  Stressed Mum 17:48 20 Sep 2007

I guess it may have been possible that this was turned off - it most definitely is not now and hasn't been for the past week. Could have been Dell's remote assistance but I didn't see them doing that.... no tick in box at the moment.

  Stressed Mum 17:48 20 Sep 2007

would CHKDSK have cleared it? although I only ran that just 2 days ago?

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