How to set an IDE disc to 'Master'

  Joe G 21:16 13 Feb 2012

I've just ordered one of these from Amazon and I've noticed reviewers have said that you have to set the contacts on the IDE HDD to the master position. I've taken two HDDs out of my PC and I know one is a master and the other a slave but not sure which one is which - also noticed the jumpers different on each one - how can I tell which is which?


  lotvic 21:30 13 Feb 2012

there should be a diagram on the label on the harddrive, similar to ClickHere note that is just an example, you need to follow what it shows you on your harddrive's label.

  Joe G 21:37 13 Feb 2012

Ah thanks - I'll have a look - the HDDs are in a cradle together so will get them out to see what the label says

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:38 13 Feb 2012

There will be a drawing on the drive top to show jumper positions.

they vary from drive to drive some drives need no jumper for the master position.

see here for Western Digital drives

here for seagate / maxtor drives

  Joe G 22:42 13 Feb 2012

Thanks - Looking at them they seem like the Barracuda type so I will need to fit a jumper to the one that is currently the slave drive to get it to work with the USB connecter - can I get jumpers from Maplins or somewhere similar?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:04 13 Feb 2012

Yes Maplins or any PC shop will sell them.

  Joe G 23:10 13 Feb 2012

Cheers & thanks for all the help guys :-)

  KRONOS the First 00:57 14 Feb 2012

I would not buy one,pop into your local PC repair shop,they will have plenty of spares kicking about. I certainly have. Cannot remember the last time I needed one though.

  Joe G 13:16 14 Feb 2012

Thanks but too late its on its way!

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