How to set the HD drive number in Win Me ?

  greenoxon 12:55 24 Dec 2003

My Pc (running Win Me) can not recognize a new external USB HD. I figure it is the HD number was not designated (like C:, D:, E:, F:,,,etc). Can anyone please tell me how to do this ?

  VoG II 13:23 24 Dec 2003

Windows should assign a drive letter when it recognises the drive.

Did you install the software before plugging the drive in?

  zanwalk 13:42 24 Dec 2003

Is it showing up in Device Manager? If it is there it will be called USB Mass Storage Device or something similar.

But you will need to install the drivers for it in any case as VoG states.

  greenoxon 14:12 24 Dec 2003

My Win Me recognize USB pen drive (Flash drive) automatically.

Device Manager did show a a question mark in "USB mass device", however, "My computer" and "File Manager" did not show the drive. Anyway, I have had the USB driver installed, but only in vain.

  zanwalk 17:05 24 Dec 2003

Normally, there is a CD/floppy with drivers on that comes with the HD drive.

You could try removing the device in Device Manager and rebooting to see if you get the 'new hardware found' message, and then put the CD in and direct Windows to the correct location.

If you haven't got a disk, try the HD manufacturer's website to see if you can download from there.

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