How to set up e-mail account on Nexus 7 pc tablet

  allanon 18:31 18 Aug 2012

I have just bought the above tablet and I am having difficulty in setting up my e-mail on the tablet.

I am running windows 7 on my new pc, and I am on blueyonder email. I understand that there is no outlook on windows 7. I did try and set up windows live mail which appeared to work but now doesn't pick up any new email which still appears on my blueyonder account.

I have set up my incoming server settings on the tablet but when I try and set the outgoing server settings, I get the message "couldn't open connection to server. I am able to get online with the tablet. Any ideas?

  Taff™ 09:13 19 Aug 2012

If memory serves me right and you are trying to use IMAP you need to activate it on your Blueyonder e-mail account. Login to and use the help system to track down the setting. (I know it's changed recently)

  allanon 21:20 19 Aug 2012

Thanks Taff I'll try that

  Taff™ 23:29 19 Aug 2012

Get back to us if not but I'm pretty certain this sparks off that message. The incoming and outgoing ports may be different to POP settings as well. In fact it's probably better, if you are accessing the e-mails from your PC as well as your tablet that you set up IMAP on both.

  allanon 22:40 21 Aug 2012

Sorry Staff your advice worked. Thanks

  Forum Editor 00:44 22 Aug 2012

"I understand that there is no outlook on windows 7."

Outlook is a Microsoft Office email programme, it has never been part of Windows.

Microsoft has just launched, which is a new on-line email service, similar to Hotmail, but much better - more 'grown up'.

If you go to you can sign up for a free email account that will give you a new email address ([email protected]) and online file storage facilities with Microsoft SkyDrive. You'll also be able to configure Outlook to download email from any other accounts you may have.

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