How To Set Up BlueY Wireless Network (Set Top Box)

  moh4mm4d 19:33 16 Mar 2006

Hi Guys,
iv searched for a post on this but cant seem to find one specifically.
The thing is iv already got broadband to my desktop PC through the SET TOP BOX. iv got a access point behind set top box and a wireless usb adaptor (MA101) plugged into my PC. Now iv just bought a Laptop with a built in Wireless Network card and i want internet on it. so i was told id need a router so i bought a Netgear MR814v2 router and a USB adaptor came with it. it was in a blueyonder wireless package. the thing is i didnt get a manual with it however i got the cd for the usb. Can someone tell me how i connect up the hardware please. do i remove the access point and replace it witht the router behind my set top box?? and does the usb go into the usb?? Please please help me, its for my sister, i want the laptop (laptop being the presie lol)all set up and everything before she back from her trip. Thanx!!

  moh4mm4d 19:42 16 Mar 2006

"and does the usb go into the usb??" should be does the usb adpator go into the desktop pc? and what happens to the old adaptor (MA101) i had connectd to the pc??

  Minkey1 23:07 16 Mar 2006

Can't help directly as currently I'm on ADSL but any help click here ?

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