How to set up another Email address

  Ray5776 19:30 21 Jul 2006

I would like to have more than one Email address,
one for home day to day stuff and one for business.
No idea how to set about this but I know it can be done fairly easily.
Can someone tell me how please, ISP is Orange (Wanadoo)

  ed-0 19:33 21 Jul 2006
  ed-0 19:37 21 Jul 2006

Yahoo click here

tiscali click here

  Ray5776 20:12 21 Jul 2006

thanks for the quick response. I have not done this before but reading your links it seems I can just type in any name (within reason of course) and I will have another Email account in that name, is that the case?

I will try the link to Orange as that is my ISP and see what happens.

When I want to read mail (assuming I get any) on my new account will Thunderbird be able to differentiate between the two accounts or more simply how do I view mail to the new a/c.


  Ray5776 20:46 21 Jul 2006

OK, set up new account and sent a mail to it so where do I find it.

  skidzy 20:57 21 Jul 2006

Just log on to the wanadoo home page Ray,fill in the email box with password click here

  skidzy 20:59 21 Jul 2006

I assume you set up a .net account,this is web collection only mail Ray and as far as i know,cannot be merged into thunderbird or outlook/outlook express.

I may be corrected on this,but im pretty sure im correct.

  ade.h 20:59 21 Jul 2006

Haven't you added it to your mail client yet?

Something like one of each of the following:

  Ray5776 21:48 21 Jul 2006

Well it seems to work i.e. I can read a mail I sent to myself from my original address.
I had to do it via skidzy`s link though, a shortcut icon on the screen would be perfect for my requirements. (Not sure of the best way to do this)

skidzy, yes it was a .net account and I appreciate now that it cannot be merged into Thunderbird.
You say it is "web collection only" does this mean I cannot send mail out from this address, if this is the case then it is no use at all.

"Haven`t you added it to your mail client yet"
No I haven`t, I was unaware that I needed to nor do I know how to, read the lines in your posting but where is the starting point.

Thanks for your replies


  ed-0 21:56 21 Jul 2006

does this mean I cannot send mail out from this address

yes, you can send email.

I don't use thunderbird, so can't comment.

You could use a tiscali email account and link it through OE. This way your private email would be thunderbird and your business account wold be through OE.

  ade.h 22:01 21 Jul 2006

I use Thunderbird, so I can comment. ;-)

Go to Tools > Account Settings > Add Account...

Go through each step - you can't really go wrong at this point because it asks for one field at a time. Note that your password will not be requested yet.

When done, select the new account from the Accounts list and choose your prefs.

Now check for messages. If the account has been setup by your ISP - may take a while - it will attempt to connect to the pop3/imap server and the password manager will pop-up. Enter your password, check the box and okay it.

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