how to set up a 2nd router in a seperate building

  karaokekid 00:08 28 Sep 2010

Hi there everyone im am new on this forum

i have a belkin router as the main one with wireless enabled all works fine in my house

but i have a office about 25 mtrs away and its not picking up the belkin very well at best i get it sometimes at very low reception

so last year i put a echolife router in the office and had it running well set up as a (RELAY) i believe ???

But now it has stopped working !!!

i have tried another echolife incase the ist one was faulty

But cannot get it working now and cannot remember how i did it

I believe i set it up as relay pulling from my belkin but everytime i go into admin admin and go into the setting in dchp i think when i set it for relay it keeps telling me wrong ip or something like that

and cannot get online

Does anyone know how to set it up please

many thanks

  jtay78 23:48 28 Sep 2010


need a bit more info on the error please.

are you trying to setup two routers so you have one as local and router 2 as the bridge connection ???

if so follow this guide:

network isolation - If you heavily utilize the network connection between certain computers (such as frequent large file transfers, or LAN gaming), installing those computers to use one router, isolates the network traffic from affecting the other router and all of its attached devices.

Installing a Two Router Network
Installing a router to work as the second one on a home network requires special configuration.

Do the following on the second router to ensure it (and the devices attached) function properly:

1. Connect as local device or bridge - If connecting the second router via Ethernet cable, plug it into one of the LAN ports on the first router. If connecting the second router wirelessly, ensure the second router is set for client mode.

Note that some home wireless routers do not support client mode; these must be connected by cable. Check your router documentation for details on its client mode configuration support.

2. Check / change IP address - Most home network routers use a default IP address setting. Often, these default IP addresses will not work in a two router environment.

Check the second router's IP address value and reset it if necessary to work within the valid address range of the first router (and to not conflict with any other device on the network).

3. Disable DHCP - To avoid IP address conflicts between all of the devices on the home network, only one of your two routers should assign addresses via DHCP. All mainstream routers provide an option to disable DHCP as part of the router's configuration screens.

let me know if this is what you looking to do !

kind regards


  karaokekid 00:15 29 Sep 2010

Thanks JT

I will try this out it will be a few days prob
before i can get to do it

But thanks for the advice

many thanks

  jtay78 08:18 29 Sep 2010

Np mate ! if you need any more help just give me a shout or anyone on here will help if they can !!!

Best Regards


  karaokekid 23:51 29 Sep 2010


Many thanks to you
it is running sweet again

Thanks for your help your a star


  jtay78 16:06 06 Oct 2010

Np dude glad i can be of some help :0)

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